Alien Valve Tuning Tips

  1. Lower global fuel, from 3 to 12 percent. Volumetric efficiency is greatly increased with the Alien Valve, so less fuel is needed.
  2. Lower the global timing 4 to 6 degrees. With no reversion at idle, the flame will propagate much quicker so less timing is needed. The combustion chamber will run cooler because of less exhaust gas reversion, which will add back timing but the faster flame propagation overtakes that and you will need to reduce timing which is a very good thing.
  3. Lower your idle speed. Alien Valve motors will idle at very low RPM. If you fell like a challenge, increase your flywheel weight and see if you can get your motor to idle at 100 rpm, it can be done!

Before changing the tune you will notice significant increases in low end torque and better fuel mileage. If you have a standard transmission, be careful, in some cases you can overload your stock manual clutch.  At 1500 rpm you will can go close to full motor torque!

For professional tuners, engine builders, racers, and grease monkeys, you will be able to explore the final frontier of the Otto cycle . . . without leaving your garage! Grind longer duration cams, experiment with lean burn tunes @ WOT, less advance timing.  Experiment with adding weight to your rotating mass to get even larger torque gains at extremely low RPM’s.