How the Alien Valve Works

The Alien Valve allows a one way flow when the pressure differential is perfect between your cylinder and your intake manifold.  The Alien Valve “floating valve” moves to allow flow in only one direction, no more exhaust gas reversion.

On each and every intake stroke of the piston, the opening and closing of your intake valve is determined by the differential pressure between your intake manifold and the combustion chamber . . . and not a predetermined camshaft timing.

At every engine RPM, at every engine temperature, at every engine altitude, the Alien Valve automatically adjust to give you perfect Valve timing.

And when the alien valve does open or close . . . it opens and closes instantly, no waiting on the cam or crank to turn. With a big cam installed, when your valve does open, it is basically fully open in an instant and when it closes it is basically fully closed in an instant.  No more waiting on the cam to open or close your intake valve. Your Alien Valve effectively opens and closes instantly at the perfect time when the gas pressure is right.

To get your Alien Valves installed and you’re cylinder heads reworked at the same time–retail @ $999.00 a pair.