Choosing Your Cam Shaft

No more debating, no more arguing, no more looking at forums or cam specs about what cam do I choose???   That is all gone now . . . just choose the longest duration intake lobe available and you’re done.

No more worrying about getting too much cam or not enough, just install the biggest cam available and don’t forget your Alien Valves and you’re good to go from Idle to what every your motor will turn!

I hear it all the time, guys complaining about their cam selection! And I feel their pain, I would always want a big cam and then, reality comes and that big cam is such a pain in traffic!  Then I would get a mild cam, and just did not feel it in my foot!  Alien Valves changes all of that!

Alien Valve suggest using the longest intake duration cam on the market to start with. And don’t worry about your idle, your V8 will idle close to stock. Or, you can have a cam custom ground with 10 degrees early opening and 10 later close with no idle issues.  A good cam to start with for an LS motor is the COMP Cams 54-602-11 Big Mutha Thumpr Hydraulic Roller Camshaft 291TH.