Alien Valves - Perfect Intake Valve Timing

Alien Valves Give Your Engine Instant & Perfect Intake Valve Timing

Get all of the gain with none of the pain of a performance cam

Cylinder by Cylinder on Every stroke, at Every RPM, with Every Engine condition, at every moment, Enjoy Perfect Valve Timing,

The Alien Valve opens and closes via the Differential Pressure in your Intake manifold and your combustion chamber, giving you perfect valve timing (PVT).  Pat. Pending

Alien Valves make the lopey-est cam idle nicely at 600 RPM or lower . . .  making your ride 100 % street-able!  Accentuate all the gains from your big cam with Alien Valves. Only the gains with none of the pains!

Please use your stock torque converter, you don’t want or need a high stall converter.  The only reason to have a high stall converter is to allow your big cam to spool up. All that is gone, just let Alien Valves do the work while you enjoy the new found torque from your big cam.

Alien Valve Work

Alien Valve Work